I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the dress rehearsal of Hairspray with Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT)! Hairspray is a fantastic and beloved musical, and being able to capture the energy and excitement of HIT’s inclusive production is a remarkable experience.

Dress rehearsals are particularly special moments in the theatrical process, as they represent the final preparations before the show’s opening night. As a photographer, I had the privilege of witnessing the culmination of the performers’ hard work and dedication, as they bring the production to life on stage.

HIT’s commitment to inclusivity in their production of Hairspray is commendable, as it provides a platform for diverse performers to showcase their talents and portray the story’s vibrant characters. My photography helped capture the essence of inclusion and diversity in the arts, illustrating how theatre can be a powerful medium for breaking down barriers and celebrating individuality.

Through my images, I had the opportunity to tell a visual story of the performers’ emotions, expressions, and the joy they experience during the rehearsal process. These photographs can be used by HIT to promote the production and showcase the organization’s mission of fostering an inclusive and empowering environment.

Additionally, my photography will inspire others in the community to support inclusive theatre and recognise the importance of creating accessible spaces for all individuals to participate in the arts. Visual documentation of such impactful moments can encourage people to attend HIT’s performances and engage with their initiatives.

As a photographer, I played a vital role in preserving the memories of this unique production of Hairspray, allowing the performers and the entire team to cherish the moments they’ve created together. The images will become a valuable part of HIT’s archives, serving as a reminder of the positive impact their work has on the lives of the performers and the audience.

My photography of the Herts Inclusive Theatre dress rehearsal of Hairspray is not only a creative endeavor but also a means of promoting inclusivity, diversity, and the transformative power of the arts. My documentation will help highlight the magic that unfolds on stage, making theatre accessible and enjoyable for all.