I had a fantastic time photographing the dress rehearsal for “Wands, Wings, and WiFi” with Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT)! Working with inclusive theatre groups like HIT is an incredibly rewarding experience, as it allows me to capture the essence of their performances and the spirit of inclusivity in action.

The dress rehearsal is a critical moment when all the hard work and preparation culminate into a final production before it’s showcased to the public. As a photographer, I had the unique opportunity to capture the behind-the-scenes moments, the emotions of the performers, and the dedication and passion that goes into creating a theatrical production.

“Wands, Wings, and WiFi” is an intriguing title, suggesting a blend of fantasy and modern technology themes. Inclusive theatre productions often challenge traditional narratives and offer a fresh perspective on storytelling, while also providing a platform for diverse performers to showcase their talents.

My photography from the dress rehearsal will serve multiple purposes, including promoting the production itself and HIT’s mission of inclusivity and empowerment through the arts. These images can be used on HIT’s website, social media, and promotional materials to engage with the audience and highlight the organization’s valuable work.

Moreover, my photographs will help the performers and the entire team to cherish the memories of their hard work and dedication, preserving those special moments for years to come.

As I continue to document HIT’s performances and events, I contribute to raising awareness about the importance of inclusive arts and the positive impact it has on individuals from all walks of life. My photography plays a crucial role in breaking down stereotypes, promoting diversity, and showcasing the talents of the performers.

Capturing the dress rehearsal for “Wands, Wings, and WiFi” is not just about taking pictures; it’s about preserving the magic of theatre and the power of inclusivity, inspiring others to support and participate in inclusive arts initiatives.




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