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Welcome! I’m a professional headshot photographer based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and I’m here to capture your best self through high-quality images. Whether you need corporate photos, personal branding images, or creative portraits, I’m dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

They often say you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Over the last 9 years, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals do just that with my headshot and portrait photography in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Your Go-To Headshot and Portrait Photographer

As a seasoned professional, I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from young actors to managing directors. Regardless of your profession, my goal is to help you stand out in a digital world.

Exceptional Headshots and Portraits

I strive to provide my clients with the best images possible, earning numerous awards, including the prestigious ‘Photographer’s Bar’ award from The Guild of Photographers – received twice.

Recognized Craftsmanship

I’m also recognized as a Craftsman with The Guild of Photographers, reflecting my skill and commitment to the craft.

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Ready to make a lasting impression? Book your headshot or portrait session in St Albans, Hertfordshire today, and let’s create something amazing together.

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Choose your SESSION

You can personalize your experience by choosing the length of your session to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a quick shoot or a more extended session, I provide flexible options to accommodate your schedule.


£ 15
30 Minutes
  • Perfect if you need just one shot
  • Quick turnaround
  • Option to purchase Hi-Res or Web Resolution images


£ 30
Maximum 4 Hours
  • Perfect for a range of looks
  • Quick turnaround
  • Option to purchase Hi-Res or Web Resolution images


We believe in offering a flexible pricing approach where the more images you purchase, the less they cost. This ensures you get great value for your investment while receiving high-quality images tailored to your needs.



Specializing in team and group headshot photography in St Albans, Hertfordshire, we provide high-quality images that showcase your team’s professionalism and unity. Book your session today to ensure your team looks its best for corporate websites, marketing materials, and more.


All of our team and group photography sessions are bespoke and designed around your requirements, ensuring a tailored experience that meets your specific needs.


We can cater for groups of any size, large or small, either in an environmental setting or mobile studio, providing flexibility to accommodate your preferences.


Where possible, we will aim to build a service around your budget, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.


Choose a date and time that suits you and book online using the button below. After booking, you’ll receive an email with all the session details, including location and what to bring, making the process seamless and convenient for you.


It’s time for your headshot session! We’ll explore various compositions to capture a range of images, and I’ll guide you through posing to get that extra something special. Throughout the session, we’ll review the images together so you can choose which ones you’d like edited, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.


After your session, I’ll start editing your images. You’ll receive a link to your gallery where you can make your final selection from the edited images. Once you’ve made your selection, you can download your images directly from your gallery, making it convenient to access your final images.


Transparent Image Pricing

Welcome to our image pricing guide! We understand the importance of transparent pricing, so you can make informed decisions about your photography needs. Below, you’ll find our pricing structure for high-quality images tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for a single headshot or a new portrait portfolio, we offer competitive rates to ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment.


  • Hi-Resolution Download
  • Option to purchase prints


  • Hi-Resolution Download
  • Option to purchase prints


  • Hi-Resolution Download
  • Option to purchase prints


  • Hi-Resolution Download
  • Option to purchase prints


  • Hi-Resolution Download
  • Option to purchase prints



The pricing for images begins at £45 each, with a reduction in cost per image as the quantity of your purchase increases.

For a short session there might not be time for outfit changes. However, for longer sessions, I recommend bringing 3 or 4 tops to facilitate the creation of a diverse array of looks. Incorporating layers like jackets can also be advantageous in achieving varied styles. 

Consider opting for a natural look that complements all your tops. Kindly arrive at the session ready for photography – trust me, I’m not the best with makeup! Remember, authenticity is often appreciated, so wear your usual attire.

Feel free to enhance your makeup for a more striking appearance during the session, and don’t hesitate to alter your hairstyle or shave if desired. For significant changes like shaving, it might be best to plan them during a longer session. Your comfort is our priority.

The session fee compensates for the time spent in the studio, while the image pricing encompasses the editing process.

Both the session fee and image purchases contribute directly to the foundation, supporting our efforts in assisting others.

Naturally, situations can arise where you may need to adjust the date or time of your headshot session. You’re welcome to make changes as necessary, as long as you give a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Within your confirmation email, you’ll find a button that links to an availability calendar, making it easy for you to reschedule your session hassle-free.

Unforeseen circumstances can arise leading to the need for session cancellation. Should you find it necessary to cancel, kindly offer as much notice as you can. If notice is provided with over 48 hours advance the session fee will be refunded.

However, in instances where less than 48 hours notice is given, the session fee unfortunately cannot be refunded.

As you have the opportunity to preview your photographs in real-time during the session, this situation has not yet arisen. Throughout your session, you can actively contribute to directing the desired appearance of your images.

You can trust that there are no concealed motives or sales pressure behind my approach. 

I am firmly committed to the belief that everyone, irrespective of their career stage, should have the opportunity to access outstanding photography. If obtaining just one image from the session is within your means, that is absolutely acceptable.


Absolutely. At the start of every session, we’ll engage in a conversation about the intended purpose of the image and its potential applications. This includes discussing whether you lean towards a more intense and edgy aesthetic or a softer one.

I’ll actively invite you to communicate your inclinations for particular styles, whether it’s a preference for vibrant and light tones or a preference for a darker, more evocative atmosphere. 

I tailor the visual essence of each shoot to resonate with your character and to present you in the manner that aligns with your desired representation.

Typically, the standard timeframe for retouching your ordered images is approximately five business days, excluding weekends. Please be aware that during peak periods, it might extend a little longer. It’s important to note that each image undergoes meticulous hand-editing, a process that cannot be hurried.

Feel free to bring a friend along if you would prefer. A touch of camaraderie and shared humor can yield fantastic outcomes for your images. If your friend is interested in having their own photographs taken, they’ll need to schedule their own session. However, we can coordinate to have the two sessions aligned if desired.



STUDIO Location

Jarman House
42 High St
St Albans

Our hours

By Appointment Only

Contact us

Phone: 07534 075091
Email: [email protected]


for Professional Headshot Photography

The Best Reason to Choose Our Headshot and Portrait Photography

YOU ARE Supporting Social Change Through Every Click

We’re not just about capturing stunning images; we’re committed to making a difference in our communities. When you choose our headshot and portrait photography services, you’re not only investing in high-quality photos but also contributing to our foundation’s mission of raising awareness about social challenges.

Every session you book with us directly supports our foundation’s efforts to empower individuals facing diversity, disability, and poverty through photography. Through collaborative projects, exhibitions, and campaigns, we strive to create a more inclusive and empathetic society.

With your support, we can continue to make a meaningful impact and bring about positive change. Thank you for choosing us as your photography partner in making a difference.

Your Headshot Photographer in St Albans

As a headshot photographer in St Albans, I believe in tailoring each session to highlight your unique personality and professional image. My goal is to make you look your best and feel confident in your photos.

Crafting Professional Headshots in Hertfordshire

When it comes to professional headshots in Hertfordshire, I focus on enhancing your business profile. A strong headshot can make a significant impact, whether it’s for LinkedIn, your website, or marketing materials.

Corporate Headshots That Impress

My corporate headshots in St Albans are designed to present you as both confident and approachable. Perfect for company websites, annual reports, and marketing materials, these images reflect your professional persona.

Capturing Business Portraits in St Albans

Business portraits in St Albans are all about capturing your professional essence. Whether you’re a CEO or a startup founder, I aim to convey your authority and approachability, helping you connect with your audience.

Elevate Your Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography in St Albans is about creating a consistent and impactful image across all your professional platforms. From LinkedIn to personal websites, I ensure your photos align with your brand.

Booking St Albans Headshot Sessions

When you book one of my St Albans headshot sessions, you’re in for a relaxed and professional experience. Together, we’ll create images that you’ll be proud to share, capturing your best angles and expressions.

Professional Business Portraits in Hertfordshire

For professionals in Hertfordshire, I offer business portraits that emphasize your expertise and professionalism. Stand out in your industry with images that convey your competence and confidence.

Adding a Creative Touch to Your Headshots

My creative headshots in St Albans go beyond the standard. I incorporate unique elements that reflect your individuality and career aspirations, giving you photos that are both professional and personal.

Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photos

A great LinkedIn profile photo can make all the difference. My sessions in St Albans ensure you look polished and professional, helping you make a strong first impression online.

Actor Headshots in Hertfordshire

I provide actor headshots in Hertfordshire that meet industry standards and showcase your versatility and talent. Whether you’re just starting or updating your portfolio, I’ll help you stand out.

Executive Portraits That Lead

My executive portraits in St Albans capture the essence of leadership and confidence. These photos are perfect for company profiles, executive bios, and other professional uses.

Model Headshots to Enhance Your Portfolio

For aspiring and professional models, my headshots in St Albans highlight your features and versatility. Enhance your portfolio with images that showcase your best looks.

Comprehensive Headshot Photography in Hertfordshire

My headshot photography services in Hertfordshire cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring you have the perfect image for any professional requirement.

Stunning Professional Profile Pictures

Upgrade your professional profile pictures with my sessions in St Albans. I capture your best side with clarity and style, giving you images that stand out.

Studio Headshots for a Classic Look

My studio headshots in St Albans provide a controlled environment for achieving flawless lighting and backgrounds. Ideal for polished, professional images, studio sessions are great for those who want a classic look.

Natural Light Headshots with Authenticity

Prefer a more relaxed look? My natural light headshots in Hertfordshire utilize beautiful outdoor settings to create warm, engaging portraits. These sessions are perfect for capturing a more authentic and natural you.

Fashion Headshots That Highlight Your Style

For those in the fashion industry, my fashion headshots in St Albans highlight your unique style and presence. Perfect for portfolios and auditions, these images showcase your best looks.

Your St Albans Portrait Photographer

As a top St Albans portrait photographer, I’m dedicated to capturing your essence through professional and creative photography. Book your session today, and let’s create something amazing together.

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