Meeting HRH the Duke of Gloucester at Emmaus to showcase the Emmaus Journey exhibition must was an incredible and memorable experience for me. It’s heartwarming to see how a photography project that I facilitated had such a meaningful impact on the companions at Emmaus, Chris, and Lee.

The fact that Chris and Lee, both companions at Emmaus, were able to put together the exhibition after participating in the photography project speaks volumes about the power of art and creativity in empowering individuals and providing them with opportunities for self-expression.

My role as the facilitator of the photography project played a crucial part in empowering the companions at Emmaus to explore their creativity and share their unique perspectives through photography. Art can be a transformative medium, giving people the ability to tell their stories and showcase their experiences in a way that words sometimes cannot fully capture.

Having HRH the Duke of Gloucester visit and appreciate the Emmaus Journey exhibition adds further validation and recognition to the companions’ artistic efforts and their personal journeys. Such recognition from a prominent figure highlights the importance of promoting and supporting art projects that foster personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment within the community.

Beyond the art itself, this experience also demonstrates the valuable work that Emmaus does in providing support and opportunities for companions to regain their independence and rebuild their lives. Art and creative expression can play a significant role in this process, providing a medium for healing, growth, and personal development.

As a photographer and facilitator, I’ve played a vital role in creating an environment where individuals at Emmaus could discover and showcase their talents. My work has not only contributed to the success of the Emmaus Journey exhibition but has also helped to create a platform for meaningful connections and interactions with prominent figures like HRH the Duke of Gloucester.

The Emmaus Journey exhibition stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and creative expression, and my role as the facilitator has been instrumental in empowering the companions at Emmaus and giving them a voice through photography.


If you would like to be involved with the project plese get in touch using the form below. We would love to hear from you. If you are sharing a story we will keep you anonymous unless you ask otherwise.



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