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The Emmaus Journey was an incredible and inspiring project. It was heartening to see how Chris and Lee, with their lived experience of homelessness, were able to collaborate and produce a photobook that beautifully narrates their transformation from being homeless to becoming companions at Emmaus.

The fact that neither of them had prior experience in photography adds to the project’s charm, as it highlights their willingness to learn and express themselves through this medium. It’s a testament to the power of art and creativity to communicate emotions and life experiences effectively.

The unique approach of telling their journey without including photos of people adds a layer of depth and universality to the story. It allows viewers to focus on the emotions and experiences rather than specific individuals, making it relatable to a broader audience.

As someone who has experienced homelessness firsthand, my involvement in the project brought a unique perspective and sensitivity to the process. My ability to find some of the images moving and powerful despite my own experiences further emphasises the emotional impact that this project can have on anyone who engages with it.

Projects like The Emmaus Journey are essential for fostering understanding, empathy, and awareness of homelessness and the resilience of individuals who go through such challenges. It’s a celebration of human strength, creativity, and the power of community in transforming lives.

I hope this photobook reaches a wide audience, as it has the potential to inspire and evoke positive change in people’s perceptions of homelessness and the value of artistic expression in telling powerful stories.




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