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“Unseen Echoes” is a powerful exploration of the often-hidden reality of domestic abuse, presented through a unique blend of personal narratives and evocative photography. Delving beyond stereotypes and statistics, this book offers a raw and intimate glimpse into the lives of survivors, shedding light on their journeys of strength, resilience, and healing.

Through a collection of poignant photographs, each capturing a fragment of survivors’ stories through everyday objects, readers are invited to bear witness to the silent testimonies of those who have endured unspeakable pain. These images serve as windows into the complexities of domestic abuse, challenging preconceptions and revealing the profound impact it has on individuals and communities.

Intertwined with these powerful visuals are the personal accounts of survivors, shared with courage and vulnerability. From moments of fear and despair to triumphs of resilience and hope, these stories illuminate the multifaceted nature of abuse and the profound resilience of the human spirit.

“Unseen Echoes” is more than a collection of images and stories; it is a call to action—a plea for empathy, understanding, and solidarity in the face of domestic violence. It challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable truths that lurk within our homes and communities, and to stand as allies alongside survivors on their journey towards healing and empowerment.

With its blend of compelling storytelling and striking imagery, “Unseen Echoes” offers a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a beacon of hope for a future free from the shadows of abuse.


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Dive into the hidden realities of domestic abuse with the Unseen Echoes Project. Through powerful narratives and evocative imagery, we expose the subtle grip of abuse – physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. We shed light on the lasting scars it leaves, urging awareness, empathy and change.

Join us in giving a voice to the silenced and building a future of empowerment and support to survivors.


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