In the UNSEEN ECHOES project, we embark on a profound exploration of the hidden yet profound impact of domestic abuse. Through a combination of powerful imagery and deeply personal narratives, our mission is to unveil the pervasive nature of this issue and challenge the societal stigma that surrounds it.

Domestic abuse often leaves invisible scars, manifesting in the objects and spaces of our everyday lives. In this project, we shine a light on these silent witnesses – objects that carry the weight of trauma, pain, and resilience.

Each photograph captured for UNSEEN ECHOES tells a story beyond words. A broken cup, a painted mirror, a torn notebook – these seemingly ordinary items become symbols of unimaginable suffering and survival. They serve as visual echoes of the emotional and psychological turmoil endured by survivors.

Accompanying these powerful images are personal narratives that offer insight into the lived experiences of those impacted by domestic abuse. Through courageous storytelling, survivors share their journeys of trauma, resilience, and healing. Their voices break the silence, dispelling myths, and challenging misconceptions about domestic abuse.

By showcasing these objects and narratives, our goal is not only to raise awareness but also to foster empathy and understanding. We aim to inspire conversations that dismantle societal stigma and empower survivors to reclaim their narratives.

UNSEEN ECHOES is more than an exhibition – it’s a testament to the strength of survivors and a call to action for societal change. It invites viewers to confront the unseen echoes of domestic abuse, acknowledging the profound impact it has on individuals, families, and communities.

Together, let us confront the hidden realities of domestic abuse, amplify survivor voices, and work towards a future where every home is a sanctuary of safety, respect, and healing.


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