Empowering Change Through Lenses: Transformative Collaboration with Centre for Homelessness Impact

Centre for Homelessness Impact

We are honoured to announce our involvement in the groundbreaking project initiated by the Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) — the creation of the first free library of non-stigmatising images depicting individuals experiencing homelessness. As we embark on this crucial endeavour, it is essential to shed light on the background of the founder, Christopher James Hall, whose unique journey has been a driving force behind our commitment to transforming perceptions through photography.

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Center for Homelessness. Picture date: Thursday December 1, 2022. Photo caption should read: Aaron Chown/PA Wire.

Christopher James Hall, a professional photographer based in St Albans, entered the world of photography in 2015, discovering both a passion and a powerful medium for storytelling. However, it was not a conventional introduction to the art form. His trajectory took an extraordinary turn when he faced adversity firsthand, spending two years homeless on the streets of High Wycombe.

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Centre for Homelessness in Kingston and Waterloo. Picture date: Wednesday October 19. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: Jeff Hubbard/PA Wire

During this challenging period, Hall not only grappled with the harsh realities of homelessness but also found inspiration in photography. The experience ignited a profound understanding of the importance of representation and storytelling in shaping perspectives. Christopher’s resilience and creativity flourished, leading him to become an award-winning photographer.

Motivated by his personal journey and a deep-seated commitment to social change, Christopher founded the Christopher James Hall Foundation. The Foundation’s vision is clear: to create a more inclusive and empathetic society by empowering individuals facing diversity, disability, and poverty through photography. Christopher’s mission is deeply rooted in leveraging the power of photography to bring about positive change.

Under the foundation’s umbrella, Christopher has spearheaded numerous projects, exhibitions, and publications, collaborating with a diverse range of organisations. The foundation’s impact is evidenced by statistics, with a significant percentage of individuals involved in projects using photography for their future endeavours, including careers and employment opportunities.

Given Christopher’s personal experience of homelessness and his subsequent success in the field of photography, his unique perspective enriches the collaboration with the Centre for Homelessness Impact. His understanding of the power of visual storytelling, coupled with a commitment to challenging stereotypes, aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the project.

As we embark on this venture, we carry with us the founder’s vision and the foundation’s overarching goal of building a brighter future for marginalised individuals. Christopher James Hall’s journey from homelessness to becoming an influential photographer and advocate underscores the transformative potential of art and compassion. Together with the Centre for Homelessness Impact, we look forward to contributing to a more empathetic and understanding society through the lens of authenticity and shared human experiences.




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