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Nearly a decade into my wedding photography journey, I cherish the memory of my very first shoot for a dear friend. Earning the prestigious Photographers’ Bar award twice from The Guild of Photographers, I’ve documented diverse weddings across stunning venues. My role is to capture the unique narrative of each wedding day, preserving everything from preparations to ceremonies. No two weddings are alike, and I find inspiration in their distinctiveness. Rather than imposing my services, I simply ask couples, “How do you envision your special day?” This ensures that every wedding I document is a unique reflection of their dreams and desires.

It’s truly remarkable to realise that nearly a decade has passed since I began my journey as a wedding photographer. I can still vividly recall the very first wedding I captured for a dear friend. Since that initial experience, my passion for preserving moments that encapsulate people’s true essence has earned me the esteemed Photographers’ Bar award, an honour I’ve been fortunate to receive twice from The Guild of Photographers.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of documenting numerous weddings, weaving together joyous memories for remarkable couples amidst the enchanting backdrop of wedding venues spanning Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and beyond. These weddings have spanned a diverse spectrum, from grand stately homes and luxurious hotels to intimate, personal settings like churches, temples, and registry offices.

My role has been to chronicle the narrative of each wedding day, capturing its unfolding tale centered around the jubilant couple. For some, this meant tracing their journey from the bride’s preparations all the way to their dance-filled reception. For others, it involved intimately preserving the sanctity of the ceremony itself.

In my experience, no two weddings are alike. It’s the inherent distinctiveness of each celebration that fuels my creative inspiration. This is why, instead of dictating my services to couples, I prefer to ask them a simple question: “How do you envision your special day?” By doing so, I ensure that every wedding I document is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the couple’s desires and dreams.


Check the date of your wedding

The first thing to do is to check the date of your wedding to make sure that I am available. Then we can discuss what you would like for your wedding photography.

Let’s chat about your wedding

I want to make sure that I am the right wedding photographer for you. After you have checked the date let’s chat about what you would like for your wedding.

Confirm your wedding booking

After we we have checked the date and confirmed that I am the right choice for you we can get started. I will send you a link with your personal quote and you can confirm your booking when you are ready.


Unobtrusive & stress free

On your significant day, the last thing you need is a photographer who disrupts or commandeers the proceedings, particularly during the solemnity of the wedding ceremony. My approach is quite the opposite – I won’t be arranging elaborate lighting setups or directing you and your guests into specific poses.

My role revolves around narrating the tale of your wedding just as it naturally unfolds. My objective is to document your journey rather than impose a predetermined vision upon it.

Complete freedom for your images

Ensuring transparency and value for your investment is my priority. That’s why I offer full clarity without any concealed fees. I firmly believe in granting you absolute control over your wedding photographs.

Within a span of four weeks following your wedding, you’ll gain entry to your personalised online gallery. This platform empowers you to retrieve your high-resolution images, allowing you to print, share, or utilise them according to your preferences.

Should you find, upon viewing your wedding photos, that you wish to acquire select prints or assemble an album, you’ll discover an extensive array of options directly accessible from your gallery.

Your wedding investment

Every wedding is unique

Wedding schedules vary widely—certain brides seek coverage from their preparation, while other pairs prioritise the evening moments. I also accommodate couples who exclusively desire the ceremony to be documented. Through our pre-event online, email or phone consultations, you can freely discuss your preferences and fine-tune your vision just before your momentous day.

Individual preferences diverge; some couples gravitate toward prints or an album, while others opt for simplicity, favouring digital files for storage on their computers or easy sharing via phones.

My pricing structure is transparent: you’re only billed for the duration you require my presence on-site. The time I invest in meticulously editing and refining your photographs, as well as creating your gallery, is encompassed within this fee. Furthermore, there’s no obligation to commit to prints or an album when booking; you’re welcome to make that decision after experiencing your images.



Valid for all weddings booked and confirmed with deposit paid by 31st December 2023


8 Hours


Was £1295.00

Package includes:

An online gallery to view your wedding photographs and to share with your guests

Full print rights for all of your wedding photographs

Online ordering for prints and albums


4 Hours


Was £745.00

Package includes:

An online gallery to view your wedding photographs and to share with your guests

Full print rights for all of your wedding photographs

Online ordering for prints and albums


2 Hours


Was £450.00

Package includes:

An online gallery to view your wedding photographs and to share with your guests

Full print rights for all of your wedding photographs

Online ordering for prints and albums

Only available within 20 minutes travel from St Albans

Only available Monday to Thursday


Additional hours


Was £145.00

Per hour


Welcome to my wedding photography gallery, a captivating showcase of heartfelt moments and timeless love stories captured through the lens of my camera. With great joy and passion, I present to you this carefully curated collection of photographs, each one a testament to the beauty, emotions, and profound connections that are at the heart of every wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I have had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing and documenting the union of couples in love. Through my lens, I strive to freeze those fleeting instances when love shines its brightest, when laughter fills the air, and when two souls embark on a journey together, hand in hand. These images are more than mere photographs; they are the memories, the tears, the laughter, and the heartfelt vows that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

In this gallery, you will find a visual narrative of the love stories I’ve been fortunate enough to document. Each photograph encapsulates the essence of the day, revealing the authenticity and beauty of the couples, their families, and friends who surround them with unwavering support.

I invite you to immerse yourself in these images. Allow them to transport you to the enchanting world of love, commitment, and celebration that weddings represent. Thank you for entrusting me with your precious moments, and I hope you find this gallery to be a source of inspiration, joy, and reflection on the power of love.


Being a wedding photographer entails being approached with numerous inquiries, often extending beyond the realm of wedding photography itself. Many couples direct their questions toward me, not just during the initial stages of evaluating my suitability as their wedding photographer, but also after they’ve confirmed my services, as their special day approaches. Whether your queries are minor or significant, don’t hesitate to ask. I greatly prefer that you seek clarification and certainty, rather than later regretting not having posed those questions.

I don’t have a fixed quantity of photos to provide you with. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, my goal is to tell the story of your wedding day. Consequently, the greater the occurrences during the event, the more extensive your photo collection will be. To offer a general estimate, for a typical 8-hour day, you can expect to receive approximately 400-500 photos.

Prior to the wedding day, I don’t typically conduct venue visits. My focus is on arriving early on the actual day, allowing me to grasp the unique arrangement of the venue. Photography revolves around the interplay of light, a factor that can fluctuate not just daily, but even hourly. I’ve captured weddings across diverse weather and lighting scenarios, spanning from splendid summer sunshine to stormy hurricanes. I possess the ability to artistically leverage the available spaces, adapting to the prevailing weather conditions and making the most of them.

I recognise your eagerness to view your photos promptly, and to accommodate this, I’ll send you a brief assortment of images within a couple of days. Following that, I’ll diligently curate all your photographs and present your complete album within a span of two to four weeks. It’s important to note that during the peak season, my schedule can become quite hectic. While there might be a slight extension in delivery time, it won’t be significantly prolonged.

I hold both public liability and indemnity insurance, along with comprehensive coverage for all my equipment.

Since establishing my business in 2015, I’ve maintained an unblemished record of attending every photography booking. Nonetheless, I’ve implemented precautions to ensure that you’re never left without a photographer in the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstance. I collaborate closely with a select group of photographers who would be my initial point of contact for coverage. In case their availability is limited, I’m also connected with The Guild of Photographers, allowing me to assist you in securing a proficient replacement photographer if needed.

I regret to inform you that I am unable to offer further reductions in my prices. The rates I present reflect the most competitive rates I can provide. I encourage you to explore the offerings of other wedding photographers with a similar level of experience, and you’ll likely find that my prices are already quite competitive.

I’ll be in touch approximately two weeks prior to your wedding date to verify the specifics of any group shots you’d like to include. This step is important as guest lists can undergo last-minute changes.

Certainly! Just inform me, and I’ll take care of it.

To determine my availability and discuss your needs, just scroll down to the bottom of this page. Once you’ve shared your requirements, I’ll promptly provide you with an official quote for your wedding. To secure your booking, a 15% deposit and a signed contract are required. The remaining balance can be settled anytime prior to your wedding date.

No worries at all. What matters most is confirming your booking with the information you have currently. If any adjustments are needed closer to the date, just inform me, and we’ll handle it.

You’ll be granted complete printing rights, empowering you to print, copy, or share your images extensively for your personal use. However, it’s important to note that these privileges don’t extend to commercial or profitable purposes. In order to safeguard against unauthorized use or theft, I will retain the copyright ownership of the images.

Certainly! I provide a variety of albums and prints that you can select from once you’ve had the chance to view your wedding images. Here’s a little tip: I’ve noticed that when you share your wedding gallery with your guests, friends, or family, it often leads to albums being purchased as thoughtful gifts for the newlywed couple.


Let's see if I'm available

I can get booked up for weddings very quickly, especially during the summer months so it is always best to check my availablity as early as you can.

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