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Everything You Need To Know About Acting Headshots

Have you ever wondered why your acting headshot is so important, and why it is important that your headshot is always kept current? This video by acting agency Spotlight may be an old video but it is still as relevant today as it was when it was produced.

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Portrait Headshot Wedding Photographer, Bedford, Luton, Bedfordshire

What Does It Take To Become A Professional Photographer?

Perhaps you have a dream of becoming a professional photographer or you have already started your professional photography business. If for you it’s still a dream what is it that’s holding you back? If you have already started how was it for you? Did you start part-time, nervous about taking that first step or did you, like me, jump straight in?

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How Many Different Looks Can You Shoot During A Headshot Photography Session

How Many Different Looks Can You Shoot During A Headshot Session?

Why would you be asking your headshot photographer how many looks you would be going for? The question should be how many looks would you like during your headshot photography session? The simple answer to this question is you can go for as many looks as you like. This does though open up a few other questions that you should be asking your headshot photographer.

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