homeless: breaking the stereotype

HOMELESS: Breaking the stereotype

1st May -30th May

The Christopher James Hall Foundation unveils a stirring exhibition that goes beyond the confinements of stereotypes. This collection comprises 20 portraits, each with a unique purpose—to challenge preconceptions. Among these captivating images, 13 subjects have walked the challenging path of homelessness, while 7 have not.

Within the arresting gaze of these portraits, the distinction between those who have experienced homelessness and those who haven’t becomes a thought-provoking challenge. This artful exploration beckons viewers to peer beyond the stereotypical settings associated with homelessness. Can you discern, just by studying a portrait, who has weathered the storm of homelessness and who has not?

The potency of these images extends beyond their aesthetic appeal; they possess the ability to challenge assumptions. Each portrait serves as a testament to the diverse and complex story of homelessness.

The exhibition functions as a mirror, reflecting not only the subjects but also the audience’s biases and expectations. It offers a unique opportunity to challenge ingrained stereotypes that cloud our understanding of homelessness. As you immerse yourself in this visual journey, let these portraits act as catalysts for empathy, breaking down barriers that hinder a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Amid the UK’s homeless population, the visible struggles witnessed on our streets represent merely 1% of a more profound challenge. In the previous year, England grappled with an estimated 271,000 homeless individuals, a staggering number sufficient to fill Wembley Stadium three times. To provide perspective, the stadium houses more toilets than the number of rough sleepers each night -2,440 to be precise.

The stereotype surrounding homelessness often conjures images of individuals battling health problems, addiction, or mental health issues, creating a skewed understanding. However, this perception is but a fraction of the complex reality. Many who find themselves without a home were once employed and enjoyed stable living situations, only to be thrust into homelessness due to unemployment, illness, relationship breakdown or financial hardships.

The silent crisis resides within the 99% concealed from our streets. They inhabit temporary accommodations or hostels—providing a roof, yet far from a permanent solution. It’s an existence, a precarious sanctuary that offers no solace. The constant uncertainty of moving on in weeks or months casts a looming shadow, persistently reminding us that stability remains elusive.

The toll on mental health is profound, often concealed beneath the surface. It’s a hidden crisis that demands acknowledgment and understanding. Until we shatter the stereotypes that confine our perception of homelessness, this concealed struggle will persist and, unfortunately, intensify.

Join us in this artistic endeavour, where a fleeting glance becomes a gateway to understanding, and each portrait becomes a canvas for change. After all, the art of perception lies not in confirming stereotypes but in dismantling them, one image at a time.

Statistics provided by Shelter—because sometimes, the numbers tell the untold stories.


If you would like to be involved with the project plese get in touch using the form below. We would love to hear from you. If you are sharing a story we will keep you anonymous unless you ask otherwise.



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