A future where the work of the foundation continues to use photography as a powerful tool for positive change.


Christopher James Hall, a documentary photographer based in St. Albans, started his photography career in 2015. With industry awards, including Bronze and Silver Awards internationally, he serves as an ambassador for The Guild of Photographers and CEWE UK, actively promoting the art of photography. In high demand for weddings, commercial work, and events, he also uses his photography to support charitable causes through compelling storytelling.

As an accomplished photographer, he has earned recognition, attaining “The Photographers Bar” and “Craftsman” status with The Guild of Photographers. 

In addition to his professional work, he is committed to making a positive impact, a dedication that led to the receipt of the “Special Contribution Award” for charitable contributions. His role as a Craftsman with The Guild of Photographers and a brand ambassador for CEWE UK extends his expertise beyond photography, endorsing excellence and innovation in the field. These achievements and affiliations underscore his unwavering commitment to storytelling and social impact, serving as an inspiration for fellow photographers.

In 2013, after nearly two years of homelessness, Christopher found a life-changing opportunity in a photography workshop. The experience ignited his passion for visual storytelling. His work gained recognition, being showcased in prominent community spaces and even in a John Lewis store.

Seeing his work on display inspired Christopher to break free from homelessness and restart his life. Two years later, he secured a home and received an old camera as a gift, solidifying his destiny as a photographer.

With newfound purpose, he used photography not only for creative expression but also to empower others. Over the years, his dedication and evolving photography gained recognition, reinforcing his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Christopher’s journey from homelessness to a celebrated photographer is a testament to the transformative power of photography and resilience. Through photography, he found his purpose and gave voice to meaningful stories.



Christopher envisions a future where the work of the foundation continues to use photography as a powerful tool for positive change. With a focus on inclusivity, the foundation aims to reach more marginalised individuals, providing opportunities for self-expression and employment. Christopher sees the transformative impact of photography extending beyond personal stories, fostering community engagement, promoting understanding, and contributing to broader inclusion in society. The foundation’s track record and commitment to creating a more inclusive and empathetic society position it as a beacon of hope and empowerment in the years to come.


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