Our projects serve a dual purpose, offering individuals facing homelessness, disability, diversity, and hardships the opportunity to explore photography while igniting passions that can lead to new careers. They empower participants, building skills, confidence, self-worth, and a sense of accomplishment. Beyond technical skills, these projects cultivate a strong sense of community and support among participants, enhancing overall well-being. The resulting art and stories raise awareness about their challenges, breaking down stigma and fostering empathy and inclusion. These transformative journeys empower individuals to embrace creativity, build resilience, and envision a brighter future, contributing to a more compassionate and inclusive society where everyone is valued for their unique experiences and contributions.

Our deeply meaningful projects are the core of our mission. These endeavors serve a dual purpose, not only providing individuals facing homelessness, disability, diversity, and hardships with the opportunity to experience the world of photography but also acting as a transformative catalyst for some, sparking a passion that leads to new careers.

Our projects have proven to be much more than just photography workshops. They have become a powerful vehicle for positive change, not only for the participants but also for the charities and organisations we collaborate with. Through these projects, we enable service users to learn new skills and gain confidence, empowering them with a sense of self-worth and accomplishment as they witness their creative achievements.

The impact goes beyond the development of technical skills. As participants immerse themselves in these projects, they cultivate a strong sense of belonging within their communities. Building meaningful relationships with others who share similar experiences fosters a sense of solidarity and support, enhancing their overall wellbeing.

The work produced by these individuals carries profound implications beyond the boundaries of the photography realm. Their art and stories serve as powerful tools to raise awareness about the challenges they face daily. By shedding light on their struggles and triumphs, these projects aim to break down barriers and reduce the stigma that often surrounds their situations. As the broader society gains insight into their journeys, empathy and understanding grow, leading to greater acceptance and inclusion.

Our projects have emerged as transformative journeys, empowering individuals to embrace their creativity, build resilience, and envision a brighter future. By offering a safe and nurturing space for self-expression, we witness firsthand the profound positive impact on the lives of those we serve. Through photography, we not only capture the beauty of moments but also empower individuals to rewrite the narrative of their own lives. This work is not only enriching their own lives but also helping to foster a more compassionate and inclusive society, where everyone is valued for their unique experiences and contributions.

A Journey Back in Time: Collaborating with Oaklands College Hair and Makeup Students

As a professional photographer based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, I’ve had the privilege of working on various exciting projects. One such experience that stands out is collaborating with the talented hair and makeup students from Oaklands College. Although I didn’t initially consider the 1980s as a historical period (since I grew up in that era, making me feel a tad old), it turned out to be a delightful and creative journey back in time. Oaklands

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It was an exciting opportunity to photograph the dress rehearsal of “Alice’s Merry Unbirthday” with Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT)! “Alice’s Merry Unbirthday” is a delightful and imaginative production, and captures the essence of HIT’s inclusive approach to this classic story. As a photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the magic of the theatre during the dress rehearsal. This is a pivotal moment when all the elements of the production come together, from the performers’

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I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the dress rehearsal of Hairspray with Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT)! Hairspray is a fantastic and beloved musical, and being able to capture the energy and excitement of HIT’s inclusive production is a remarkable experience. Dress rehearsals are particularly special moments in the theatrical process, as they represent the final preparations before the show’s opening night. As a photographer, I had the privilege of witnessing the culmination of the

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I had a fantastic time photographing the dress rehearsal for “Wands, Wings, and WiFi” with Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT)! Working with inclusive theatre groups like HIT is an incredibly rewarding experience, as it allows me to capture the essence of their performances and the spirit of inclusivity in action. The dress rehearsal is a critical moment when all the hard work and preparation culminate into a final production before it’s showcased to the public. As

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This was an incredible and meaningful project I had the opportunity to document with the ex-offenders charity Hacro and the local graffiti artist, Ant Steel. Collaborating with an artist to work on a project with individuals who have experienced challenges in their lives can be a powerful way to provide them with new perspectives, skills, and opportunities for personal growth and expression. As a photographer, I had the chance to capture the entire journey of

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The Emmaus Journey was an incredible and inspiring project. It was heartening to see how Chris and Lee, with their lived experience of homelessness, were able to collaborate and produce a photobook that beautifully narrates their transformation from being homeless to becoming companions at Emmaus. The fact that neither of them had prior experience in photography adds to the project’s charm, as it highlights their willingness to learn and express themselves through this medium. It’s

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Charities like Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT) play a vital role in creating inclusive spaces for people to express themselves, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. As a photographer, my documentary-style images is incredibly powerful in capturing the essence of the sessions and the emotions of the people involved. Visual storytelling helps showcase the impact of HIT’s work, raising awareness and support for their mission. The photographs can be used on their website and social

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I had an amazing experience photographing this year’s Enrich Festival at The Watford Palace Theatre. My firsthand involvement in capturing the events allowed me to witness the transformative and enriching nature of the festival up close. The festival’s emphasis on community-driven passion for the arts and dedication to inclusion is truly commendable. It’s evident that the core goals of providing visibility and space for disabled and neurodiverse artists, while creating an inclusive and accessible environment

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Meeting HRH the Duke of Gloucester at Emmaus to showcase the Emmaus Journey exhibition must was an incredible and memorable experience for me. It’s heartwarming to see how a photography project that I facilitated had such a meaningful impact on the companions at Emmaus, Chris, and Lee. The fact that Chris and Lee, both companions at Emmaus, were able to put together the exhibition after participating in the photography project speaks volumes about the power

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This ‘fly on the wall’ project documenting the creation of a mural at Hacro was both a compelling and impactful initiative. It was heartening to see how diverse individuals, including homeless individuals, ex-offenders, and a school teacher, came together to collaborate on this creative endeavor. Mural projects like this are not only about artistic expression but also about fostering a sense of community, understanding, and empowerment among the participants. By bringing together people from different

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