Christopher James Hall

Wedding Photographer - St Albans Register Office, St Leonards, Pendley Manor

Frequently Asked


Questions & Answers

When looking for your wedding photographer it is understandable that you will have lots of questions so that you can find the right wedding photographer for you. Here are the top twelve questions that I get asked.



How many photos will we get?

I don’t have a set number of photographs that you will receive. As a documentary wedding photographer I tell the story of your wedding, so the more things that happen the more photos you will receive. If I had to give a rough number though I would say around 5-600 photos for a standard 8 hour day.


Do you visit the venue beforehand?

As a general rule I don’t visit the venue before the wedding as I don’t feel that it is necessary. Photography is all about light and this can change by the day, if not by the hour. I had one wedding where I did visit the venue before the wedding, we had a wonderful time going around the venue selecting the best locations and the bride was getting very excited. On the day of the wedding though there was a hurricane and it wasn’t safe to use some of those locations. As a result I ended up with a bride who, although she did like her wedding photographs, had not had her expectations met.

I do however aim to arrive at a venue early so that I can have a look around to see where I would like to shoot later.


How long will we need wait for photos to be ready?

I usually say within 2 weeks to wait for your wedding photographs. During peak season I can get very busy though so it may take a little longer, but not much.


Are you insured?

Oh Yes! I have public liability and indemnity insurance as well as insurance on all of my equipment.


What if you're unwell and can't photograph our wedding?

I have not missed a photography session since I started my busines back in 2015. I’m not taking any chances though and have taken steps should this happen so you don’t go without a photographer. Firstly, I have a group of photographers that I work closely with who I would ask in the first instance. If these photographers are not available I then have The Guild of Photographers that I can turn to and ask for help.


Do we get copyright of the images?

You get full, printing rights so you will be able to print, copy or share your images as much as you for you like for your personal use. That also means you cannot use your wedding photographs for commercial/profitable gain. To help prevent fraudulent use of the images or theft etc I will retain copyright.


Do you offer albums or prints?

Absolutely! I offer a range of albums and prints which you are able to choose from after you have seen your wedding images. As a bit of a cheeky tip though I have found that if you share your wedding gallery people often purchase an album or prints as a gift to the wedding couple.


Do you offer discounts for non-peak seasons or late notice weddings

It really depends on the individual wedding, however the simple answer is yes I do. If you’re getting married between October – March, I will happily offer you a discount up to 20%, depending on the location of the wedding and the duration you would need me for. 

I can do the same for late notice weddings, although these can only be booked within 3 months of the wedding.


Do we need to give you a list of specific family group shots we would like?

I know that things can change, and often do, before a wedding so i usually contact you a couple of weeks before the date of the wedding to confirm the details and any group shots that you would like.


We're really private people and would prefer you didn't post any photos online... is that okay?

Of course! All you need to do is let me know.


All sounds great! How can I book?

That sounds great! I will send you over a formal quote for your wedding and then if you would like to go ahead all you need to do is agree the quote and pay a 15% deposit and sign the contract. After that the remaining balance can be paid any time before the date of your wedding.


What if I want to book, but I'm not sure which package to go for just yet?

No problem, in this instance just take a rough guess and we can base the quote on that. We can always add an extra hour or two later.