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Christopher James Hall

St Albans
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Yep, that’s me in the picture. The odd-ball, bald guy in the three piece suit and a bowtie.

Through the years, I have had the privilege of photographing a lot of weddings, capturing happy memories for wonderful couples in beautiful venues across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond. I have been there to record the story of their wedding day as it unfolded around them.

For some that would have been from the moment the bride started getting ready up until their feet were twinkling across the dance floor. For others it would have been the intimacy of the ceremony itself.

I have never been to two weddings that are the same, it’s that uniqueness of each individual wedding that inspires me. It is why I don’t tell the couples what I can do for them. It’s why my question is, “What would you like for your wedding day?”

IT's your wedding

my approach to your wedding

Non-intrusive and stress free

You don’t want a photographer getting in the way or taking over your big day, especially during the wedding ceremony.

I’m not going to go around setting up lights and telling you and your wedding guests where to stand. I’m there to capture the story of your wedding as it unfolds, to document your day, not dictate how it should appear.

Complete freedom for your images

It’s important to me that you get what you pay for. No hidden charges. That is why you get complete freedom over your wedding photos.

Within two weeks of your wedding you will receive access to your online gallery. From there you are able to download your, high-resolution, images to print, share or do what you like with.

If after seeing your wedding photos you decide that you would like some special prints or an album there is a wide range available directly from your gallery.

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Simple, honest wedding photography pricing

I see a lot of comments and get asked a lot of questions about the pricing of wedding photographers. All those wedding photography packages, half day rates, items included just seems to confuse quite a few happy couples. When I get a request through for wedding photography, quite often I’m asked, “I just want a wedding photographer for a X hours.”

So why can’t wedding photography pricing really be that simple? The good news is, it can be. I’ve listened to my clients and that is exactly what I have done. I’ve based my pricing around what I get asked for. You simply pay for the amount of time you want me at your wedding and then you get your wedding images in an online gallery for you to download your images from.

Then if, after seeing your wedding photos, you would like to purchase a few special prints or an album you can. It’s all there available from your wedding gallery.


The Minimum Price
£ 300
  • 2 Hours Photography

Make it yours

How long would you need me
£ 85
  • Per Additional Hour

Example Wedding pricing

Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith would like ceremony and a bit afterwards captured. They only need me at their wedding for 3 hours which means the cost of their day would be £385.


Basic Rate (2 hours) – £300

Additional Hours (1 hour) – £85

Total Cost (3 hours) – £385

Mr & Mrs Garfunkle

Mr & Mrs Garfunkle would like me to capture images from the bride getting ready up to the wedding reception. 

A total of 6 hours which would mean a cost of £640.


Basic Rate (2 hours) – £300

Additional Hours (4 hours) – £340

Total Cost (6 hours) – £640

Mr & Mrs Swazey

Mr & Mrs Swazey would like everything covered after the ceremony right up to the first hour of the evening party. 

A total of 9 hours would mean a cost of £895.


Basic Rate (2 hours) – £300

Additional Hours (7 hours) – £595

Total Cost (9 hours) – £895


Wedding Locations and more

As a St Albans wedding photographer, I have really been spoilt with some of the wedding venues and locations that I have been to. From stately homes like Luton Hoo, West Wycombe Park or Stowe House to quaint churches set in the beautiful villages around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The excitement of the bride getting ready, silver service receptions, DIY garden parties or village halls. I love them all, Giant Jenga or Croquet on the lawn. Then if that isn’t your thing let’s just see everyone letting their hair down on the dance floor. That is of course after that all important first dance.

It’s all about what you would like for your wedding. I just want to be able to capture all those little memories.

Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY Gallery


Your wedding PHOTOGRAPHY questions

I don’t have a set number of photos so it really depends on a few different things including how long I am with you for on the day or what your guests are doing. The more things that there are to photograph the more photographs you will get.

I don’t meet couples before the date of the wedding. The extra travelling and time would mean that I would need to increase my prices. If you would like to speak to me to go through the details then we can schedule a phone or video call.

As a general rule I don’t visit the venue before the day. The appearance of a venue can change daily, if not hourly depending on the weather, time of year. I once did a wedding where we did view they venue before hand, we planned out all of the shots including the ones that would be taken outside. It was a gloriously sunny day, on the day of the wedding though we were in the middle of a hurricane.

One your wedding day I will aim to arrive early so that I can have a look around the venue so I have an idea for shots ready for later. 

It can vary depending on the time of year, during peak wedding season it may take longer than during the quieter months. As a rough guide though I would say around 2 weeks.

Yes! I have public liability and indemnity insurance as well insurance on all of my equipment.

It hasn’t happened yet. In the unlikely event that I am unable to be at your wedding I have two other wedding photographers that I work closely with who will hopefully be able to help out.

If they are unavailable I will try to find a replacement through some of the groups and organisations that I am with. 

You will have the right to print or share your images. You can share the images and print them as much as you like for personal use. The images cannot though be used for commercial use or by your other wedding suppliers without speaking to me.

The copyright for the images will retain with myself so I can help maintain misuse of any images.

Sorry I don’t offer any discounts for my wedding photography. The service that I offer already provides great value for money.

It is a question that I am getting asked a lot. The government guidelines are very clear for wedding suppliers. If your wedding has to be postponed as a direct result of lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 I will either accommodate the new date of your wedding or issue a refund.

That is fine, just let me know and I can arrange that for you. This can be done at anytime, I have even had during the wedding day where I have been asked to stay for longer.

If you do want any specific photos taken at your wedding just let me know. I will be in contact with you before the day to go through this however if on the day you want something taken just let me know.

If you would like to book all you need to do is get in touch. I will then be able to confirm if I am available on the date of your wedding.

Once that is done just let me know how long you will need me for and I will get the paperwork over to you. There is a 15% booking fee to pay to confirm your booking and a contract to sign. Once that is done the balance is then not due until the date of your wedding.

Yes, please do. On Facebook I am @christopherjameshallphotography and on instagram it’s @christopherjameshall. 

That is not a problem. If you don’t want me to share photos of your wedding just let me know.

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If you would like to check if I am available for your wedding or would just like a bit more information please do get in touch.




2021 & 2022

With thanks to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans I am now VERY EXCITED to be able to launch my new PHOTOGRAPHY MINI SESSIONS.