Christopher James Hall

Wedding Photographer – Woburn Coffee House, Woburn, Buckinghamshire


Woburn Coffee House, Woburn, Buckinghamshire

If you are looking for a small wedding venue then I have to say Woburn Coffee House is absolutely stunning and really worth checking out.

When I arrived for the wedding the bride was already upstairs in a room especially for her to get ready in with her bridesmaids. The light coming through the windows added such a wonderful touch to what was already a beautiful scene. As the hair and make-up artists continue to do their thing I went about doing mine, capturing the events as they happened.

It wasn’t long though before it was time for me to retreat downstairs to capture the guests as they arrived and found their seats ready for the ceremony. I was pleased when I saw that the registrar for the day would be one that I knew well from Ampthill Registry Office so there weren’t any challenges there.

The ceremony went wonderfully and the guests soon retired to the garden while the room was being prepared for the wedding reception.

Such a wonderful day and beautiful location.