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Christopher James Hall

Hello, I’m Christopher, an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer. However, before I became a photographer, I was homeless and living rough on the streets. 

It was during my time on the streets that I had a dream of one day becoming a photographer. A dream that was also a nightmare as I felt trapped by the circumstances that I was in. I knew that I would not be able to afford the equipment I needed, and I didn’t know how to find the support that would be required. 

Someone took an interest in me, and I talked to them about my dream to become a photographer. When I was finally given a roof over my head that person gave me an old camera. It was a simple gift but to me it was life changing. That camera was the start of a journey that has made me realise that dreams can come true. 

My camera is now the start of a new dream. One in which I use my skills as a photographer to help others who are taking their first steps in the arts. A dream that gives others the same hope that I was given.

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Christopher James Hall

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I have won numerous awards with The Guild of Photographers, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers along with other publications. 

Being qualified with The Guild of Photographers the majority of my awards have been through their monthly competition being either Bronze or Silver. It’s not just for fun though as each month the images are assesed by experienced judges in accordance with national competition standards.

Bronze awards are only awarded to strong images at national competition standards.

Silver awards are very well crafted and are difficult to achieve.

In addition to this I am also aiming to have achieved the Photographer’s Bar this year. This is an award which is unique as it is not based on an individual image but on consistent results by a photographer over the space of a year.

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Being a photographer is not all about awards though. It’s about being recognised for who you are as well as your work. To help inspire others my story and my work has been featured in many places including these listed below.

Empowering Lives Photography
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2021 & 2022

With thanks to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans I am now VERY EXCITED to be able to launch my new PHOTOGRAPHY MINI SESSIONS.