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Headshot Photography For Healthcare Professionals

Headshot Photography For Healthcare Professionals

When most people think about headshot photography for professional people they usually think about people who wear suits in big offices. Have a look on Google even they think the same. If you Google Headshot Photography For Professionals you will see what I mean. The images are all of men in suits or women dressed smartly.

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Your Image Is Your Asset

Headshot Photography – Your Image Is Your Asset

Your image is your asset. It’s the biggest asset you can have as an individual or a business. Have a look at the adverts on TV, many of them use actors or models. Why because the marketing people know that it’s all about the image. For fashion, cosmetics, etc it will be people who look good. For other items it will be the image of the person. Those adverts create an image of who we could be and give us a face that we can trust.

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How Do You Prepare For Your Acting Headshots

How Do You Prepare For Your Acting Headshots?

For an actor your headshot, along with your showreel, are so important to getting in front of a casting director. With your headshot being your key marketing tool it is important that you prepare yourself to get the most out of your headshot photography session.

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Headshot Photography - Are You Digital

Headshot Photography – Are You Digital?

Why would you be asking your headshot photographer how many looks you would be going for? The question should be how many looks would you like during your headshot photography session? The simple answer to this question is you can go for as many looks as you like. This does though open up a few other questions that you should be asking your headshot photographer.

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Are You Looking For A New Job

Are You Looking For A New Job?

With everything that has gone on this year, so far, you can miss the fact that there are a lot of people looking for a new job. For some it could be that they have been made redundant, others may be small business owners who are simply struggling to make ends meet.

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