NEW EXIBITION: 3rd-17th July 2024

Location: St. Paul's Church, Blandford Rd, St Albans AL1 4JP Dates: 3rd - 17th July 2024 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm; Saturday, 9am - 12pm

UNSEEN ECHOES: Unveiling the Silent Stories of Domestic Abuse

In the concealed corners of our homes, where shadows linger and secrets lie buried, a harrowing narrative often unfolds – a story of domestic abuse. This insidious plague thrives in silence, its tendrils reaching into the most intimate spaces of our lives. Yet, within the pages of “UNSEEN ECHOES,” this hidden reality is unveiled, not through the clamour of survivors’ voices, but through the silent testimony of everyday objects.

From 3rd to 17th July 2024, we invite you to St. Paul’s Church in St Albans to experience “UNSEEN ECHOES,” our latest exhibition. This project sheds light on domestic abuse in its many forms: physical violence, emotional manipulation, financial control, and coercive behaviour. Behind closed doors, a complex web of power and control is woven by perpetrators who exploit trust and vulnerability for their own gain. Amidst this darkness, survivors emerge as beacons of resilience, their stories etched with both pain and courage.

Exhibition Details

Location: St. Paul’s Church, Blandford Rd, St Albans AL1 4JP

Dates: 3rd – 17th July 2024

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am – 9pm; Saturday, 9am – 12pm

Challenging Stereotypes and Myths

For many, the stereotype of domestic violence remains a barrier to understanding. The prevailing image of a bruised and battered woman fails to capture the full spectrum of abuse, neglecting the experiences of men, LGBTQ+ individuals, and marginalized communities. This narrow portrayal perpetuates myths and misconceptions, obscuring the reality that domestic abuse knows no bounds of gender, race, or status.

Within “UNSEEN ECHOES,” each photograph serves as a window into the lived experiences of survivors, offering glimpses into the complexities of their journeys. These images capture moments of vulnerability and strength, weaving together a tapestry of resilience that defies the confines of stereotype and stigma.

Personal Stories and Shared Experiences

Intertwined with these powerful visuals are the personal stories of survivors, shared with courage and vulnerability. Through their words, we are invited into the depths of their experiences, guided by a shared commitment to breaking the cycle of silence and shame. For me, this project holds a deeply personal resonance, echoing the encounters I had with individuals during my own journey of homelessness in High Wycombe. Their stories, steeped in hardship and perseverance, became intertwined with my own, shaping my understanding of the varied nature of abuse. As I listened to their narratives and bore witness to their struggles, I was reminded of the pervasive impact of domestic violence and the urgent need for societal change.

A Call to Action

“UNSEEN ECHOES ” is a call to action—a plea for empathy, understanding, and solidarity in the face of domestic abuse. It challenges us to confront the uncomfortable truths that lurk within our communities and to break the silence that perpetuates cycles of violence. With each image and story, it invites us to recognize the resilience of survivors and to stand as allies in their quest for healing and justice.

We hope that “UNSEEN ECHOES ” serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a catalyst for change—a reminder that in the darkness of abuse, there is still light, and within the silence, there is still hope.

Join us at St. Paul’s Church to witness these powerful narratives and to stand in solidarity with those affected by domestic abuse. Together, we can break the silence and foster a community of empathy and support.

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