Our goal for the competition is to encapsulate the spirit of the communities we call home. In pursuit of this objective, we’ve chosen to maintain straightforward categories, focusing on three key elements: Towns and cities, countryside, and people. It is within these facets that the true essence of our vibrant communities resides.



Within our towns and cities, existence thrives as an unceasing and vibrant community. Here, a dynamic tapestry of life weaves itself, where aged and modern edifices stand side by side, uniting to shape urban landscapes akin to concrete jungles rich with tales of bygone eras and collective dignity. In these spaces, industrial zones seamlessly blend with thoroughfares lined by homes, creating an intricate mosaic of human activity.

Street life, ever pulsating, paints a tableau of perpetual motion. Daylight hours resonate with the symphony of bustling individuals, their pursuits and interactions contributing to the vivid rhythm of urban life. And as the sun sets, the cityscape transforms, unveiling a nightlife that mirrors the vivacity of the day, as lively souls continue to traverse the streets, casting a vibrant glow amidst the city’s twinkling lights.


Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire have a renowned reputation, intricately woven into the fabric of their stunning countryside. Now, the time is ripe to unfurl this captivating tapestry and showcase the resplendent panorama of sprawling fields, each a canvas painted with nature’s hues, the hedgerows that exude a quaint charm, and the spellbinding woodlands that wrap us in their timeless embrace. This moment beckons us to wholeheartedly immerse ourselves in the exquisite beauty of rural existence, where the tranquility of serene farms harmonises with the rhythm of life in the charming villages and hamlets, each brimming with character and stories of their own.

Embracing this opportunity allows us to celebrate the myriad facets of country life – from the diligent toil on the farms to the jovial gatherings in the intimate settings of small communities. The sinuous roads that weave through the landscape, guiding us on our journeys, and the narrow pathways that lead to hidden nooks, each possesses a narrative waiting to unfold, a scene yearning to be shared. As we capture these vistas through our lenses, we immortalise the essence of our countryside, inviting others to join in the experience of its captivating allure.


It is the people, each of us as unique individuals, who collectively shape the tapestry of inclusivity within our community. Age, wealth, gender, and background—these facets become threads that weave together to form a rich and diverse fabric. In this inclusive space, every person, regardless of their journey or destination, finds a meaningful place.

Our community embraces the full spectrum of humanity—whether old or young, rich or poor, male, female, she, he, or they. Each one of us holds an indispensable role within this interconnected web of existence. Our origins and aspirations may differ, but together, we are the vital components that give life and character to the shared community we belong to.

It is within this unity that we celebrate the splendid mosaic that is our Hertfordshire community. Our diversity is not just a fact; it is a reason for celebration and a testament to the richness that arises when individuals come together to forge a collective identity that transcends differences and fosters a spirit of togetherness.