Commercial Headshot Photography For Small Business
Commercial Headshot Photography For Small Business

Commercial headshot photography is not just for big business. One of the great opportunities that I have as a headshot photograph is help people throughout Bedfordshire who are starting their own business, or help other small independent business to grow.

More and more these days people are looking online to do research as as a small business it is not only important that you get seen , but that you also give a first impression that counts.

Research has shown that it takes just seven seconds for for someone to make that first impression. 7 seconds isn’t even long enough for someone to read the first paragraph on your website, it is however long enough for them to look at your headshot online. With 7 seconds being the difference between your getting the client or not it is understandable why more small businesses are turning to a professional headshot photographer.

On this occasion it was a local counsellor, Jodi Lovelock, based in Kempston who asked me to take on that challenge. Following an initial discussion with Jodi it was clear that she needed a range of photographs that displayed her open and friendly side on her website. It didn’t take long to get the photographs for her. With a change of outfit and view within the building we were able to capture some images that not only showed her attributes but also didn’t look as though they were taken on the same day.

If you are looking for a headshot that will help you promote your small business why not have a look to see what I can offer and how I can help.

If you have enjoyed looking at this article and would like to know more about my headshot photography why not get in touch.

Living in Luton and with a studio in Ridgmont I able able to provide my headshot photography throughout Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.