I have always found that most wedding photographer galleries only show you a hand picked selection of the best shots. That is perhaps 20-30 shots carefully selected from every wedding the photographers has attended.

In this section of my website I give you the opportunity to look at the weddings that I have attended and see some of my work from each one.

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Wedding Photography Cheshunt Registry Office & Broxbourne Woods

Cheshunt Registry Office & Broxbourne Woods

I my preferred style for wedding photography is natural and what could be more natural than a bride and groom having their photos taken in the woods. That is exactly what this couple did after their ceremony at Cheshunt Register Office.

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wedding photography St Nicholas Church, Norton & Fanhams Hall, Ware

St Nicholas Church, Norton & Fanhams Hall, Ware

Nothing makes me feel better at a wedding than when the bride is obviously having a fantastic time. This was clearly the case during my visit to St Nicholas church in Norton and Fanhams Hall near Ware, the bride just couldn’t stop laughing and smiling all day.

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wedding photography st peters church tewin hertfordshire

A Classic Wedding At St Peter’s Church In Tewin, Hertfordshire

It feels so good to be back working as a wedding photographer and a visit to St Peter’s church in Tewin was just what I needed. Last year it was such a shame to be working with couples who had to rearrange their plans due to the restrictions that were put in place. Sarah and Michael were one of these couples so it was such a pleasure to be able to finally capture their happy day.

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