The artist gazes upon reality and creates his own impression.

The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality.





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This course is designed to help you learn to use your mental health challenges as an opportunity to capture an artistic expression of the feelings that they create. A portrait of yourself that will not only help others understand the feelings and emotions that you are experiencing, but a portrait that will help others to identify those same feelings and emotions in themselves.

Together we will walk through how to identify the different emotions that you feel, as a result of the challenges that you face, and convert them into a portrait which creates a meaningful narrative that will help not only you but also other who are facing the same life challenges.


Having suffered with my mental health it has not been easy working on this project. I had to revisit the challenges of my past and look at how my life has changed over the years.

Also, like everyone else, I am suffering with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have had to close my studio and still don’t know yet when I will be able to re-open.

My confidence has been knock by this and it would be great to hear from people who are looking at working through the units that I have put together.

I will reply personally to each email, not a standard reply, to see if I am able to help you with your journey. The feedback would be great as my aim is that this project will continue to help people suffering with their mental health even after the current situation changes.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

Tony Robbins


During the course you will take steps to look at the challenges that you are facing and how you can identify those feelings to construct your own portrait. You will look at the history of portraits and how using them to convey the message of mental health is not a new concept.

As you identify the emotions that you are feeling you will then be able to understand the characteristics of how they affect you, enabling you to begin to add a narrative to each one. Once this is achieved you will then be able to script your story and begin creating the elements for your image.

After this you will begin a more practical, fun, experimental stage. You will work through how to set the scene and begin taking the photographs that will create your final image. Many of you will not be photographers, but don’t worry about that. This is not a photography competition, this is a way of expressing yourself and the way that you are feeling. This process is not about the photography but the action of identifying the challenges that you face and capturing them so that you can use them for your advantage.

If you would like to take your image further you can begin to have a look at how your images can be edited. I will be using Photoshop, however, there are free applications available such as GIMP which is very similar.

For the editing you will look at setting the tone of your image by adding blur, textures, colours and other overlays to your image. It is important to note though that as this is your image, this is also your opportunity to experiment and have fun. I can show you the basics, what you do with your image is entirely up to you.

Finally, if you are feeling confident with your portrait we will discuss the options available for you to share your project with others.

MY PHOTOGRAPHY on the blog

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