What Is The Future For Wedding Photography?
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What Is The Future Of Wedding Photography?

There is no question about it. It doesn’t matter where you live, Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has affected everyone and is changing the way that we live our lives in a very drastic way.

The new restrictions that are in place with regards to social distancing are really beginning to hit home and we are finding ourselves limited to being at home. Pubs, restaurants and other social venues have now been closed (at least here in the UK) for the foreseeable future and we are having to find new ways of becoming ‘sociable’.

We can all live in hope that it won’t take long before things are back to the way that they were. In reality though will this mean that we need to accept that there will be changes in the way that we do things?

As a wedding photographer I was inspired by a recent article on the BBC News website.

There Will Be Changes In The Way That We Do Things

The article is about a couple whose dream wedding was thrown into doubt by coronavirus restrictions. While obviously devastated by the news they decided that they still wanted to get married and held the service a month early and streamed it to 100 guests on Facebook.

Like many of my clients they had spent months planning their wedding and didn’t want to let everything go to waste. The main thing though is that they didn’t want to wait any longer to begin their new life as Mr & Mrs.

At the time of the wedding the restrictions had started to come in but were not in full force as we see them today (the government has now ordered that all wedding services are cancelled).

Instead of joining the trend of delaying the date of the wedding to a date where hopefully services are back to some kind of normality the couple took the bold decision to bring the date of their wedding forward by a month.

With so many guests not being able to attend the service was streamed live so all of the guests that would have been invited could still feel that they were a part of the couple’s big day.

If you would like to read the full story it can be found here on the BBC News website.

What Will The Future Of Wedding Photography Be?

It would be nice to think that once this is all over everything will simply go back to they way things were before. That one day this will all be over and it will be as if coronavirus never existed.

I guess the next question to come from that statement is are we going to learn from our experience or have we just been burying our heads in the sand?

So many of us have already been through the various ways that we can save on our spending and looking at ways that we can safeguard our bookings in the future (I won’t go into them here as there are already so many different articles about that subject).

The question here is what will wedding photography look like in the future? Will it be the same large gatherings that we have come to know or will they be restricted to smaller groups? Will they still have the same format with the ceremony followed by the wedding breakfast and the the big evening bash?

Will, like the article that inspired me, it be a smaller affair with only a few people present?

If weddings are going to look different past the coronavirus pandemic what are we going to do about it? How are we going to adapt to these changes?

As a wedding photographer our role will change.

As A Wedding Photographer Our Role Will Change

No longer will our role be to capture the memories for the happy wedding couple. The role of the wedding photographer will be to document the day in a way that the couple will be able to share their wedding with the people who would normally have been invited.

I think it would be safe to say that we all provide galleries for our wedding clients to view online. Now is the time to review how easy it is for the couple to share those galleries with family or friends. Thankfully, I currently use Shootproof who provide galleries that can be customised and easily shared (the galleries can also be protected with a PIN or password if desired). The other advantage here is that the gallery can also be set to allow products and packages to be set up so you may even pick up a few extra sales along the way.

Another new avenue that I have been looking at is a way to provide a slideshow of the images. I have had a look at some basic providers, however, these did not seem to be that great. The one that I have settled on is Animoto who have a variety of different packages available (there is also a free package if you can put up with their watermark on every slide). These custom slideshows are a great way of sharing the highlights from the day and when shared on social media are also a great way of promoting what you do.

Now, I am not currently into providing videos, however, the thought of providing some sort of streaming service is something that I am thinking about. I’m not thinking of a video that is taken from different angles, it could be possible though that I could set up a camera to allow the room to be viewed via a secure link or one of the social media providers available.

It is still early days in this new era for wedding photography that is on the way, however, now is the time to start to thinking about your future. For many we have only really begun our period of social isolation so we do have time on our hands. Time that could be used for developing skills and testing new approaches ready to face and embrace this new world of wedding photography.

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