Ten Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer About
Ten Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer About

As a professional wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire, I have been asked a lot of questions. Some have been serious questions like, “What if my wedding is affected by the coronavirus lockdown?” In the whole though the questions I get are from brides, or grooms, who understandably want everything to be right for their wedding.

The first thing to point out is that if you do have a question, not matter how silly or serious it may sound, just ask. From a wedding photographer’s point of view I would rather you asked the question than kept quiet. If you don’t ask, I can’t answer and might miss something about your wedding that you wanted capturing.

From the questions that I have been asked about my wedding photography here are ten things to ask your wedding photographer about that may answer some of those questions that you have.

Getting Ready For Your Wedding

It is always great to capture those precious moments where the bride and/or groom are getting ready. If you would like those captured simply speak to your wedding photographer and I am sure they would be more than happy to capture them for you.

If both the bride and groom are getting ready at the same venue this may be possible with one wedding photographer. Usually, I would suggest the groom goes first followed by the bride. He does have to get to the wedding ceremony first to greet your wedding guests and wait for the bride to arrive.

If, however you are at different venues then this may not be possible. In this case I would suggest either asking your wedding photographer if they can arrange a second shooter. A second shooter though would want to be at your wedding for the same length of time as your wedding photographer so would add to the cost of your wedding.

Another solution would be to have one of the groomsmen or bridesmaids take photos. You could then ask your wedding photographer to edit the photographs, so they are in the same style.

Your Wedding Dress

You have possibly spent a long time deciding on your wedding dress. You will want to be able to remember how it looked. If you are having photographs of you getting ready, hang your dress by a window and ask your wedding photographer to take some photos. Also ask them to make sure they get some of the details.

Oh, and don’t forget the shoes, flowers and anything else that is special too.

Arriving At Your Ceremony

Whether it is the excitement of your guests arriving, the groom looking worried or you looking stunning as you arrive in your wedding dress, these are moments that you will want capturing. Especially as the bride won’t be able to see some of these special moments.

Make sure you allow time for your wedding photographer to get to your wedding venue to capture these moments.

The Joy Of The Confetti Shot

If you are having confetti at your wedding don’t rush out. Allow time for your guests to gather and your wedding photographer to be prepared.

Don’t worry about the confetti getting in your hair (or your eye, it happens), the smile on your faces will get all the attention. If the confetti shot is something that you really want captured take enough confetti for a second run through. Wedding guests can get a bit carried away when it comes to throwing confetti and they wont worry about getting an arm in the way of the photographer.

If you want to go again just tell your wedding photographer, it’s not a problem. It is better you get what you want than have photographs where you can’t be seen.

Wedding Group Shots

Even if you have hired your wedding photographer on their ability to capture natural wedding images, they won’t mind taking more formal wedding group shots.

Group shots are wonderful to treasure. They may be formal but the memory of you all standing together looking so happy will live with you for many years to come. They are also a wonderful gift to give to those closest to you.

Throwing The Wedding Bouquet

The bride throwing the bouquet creates a really beautiful image with lots of fun. It’s also not as easy as it looks. With the bride not being able to see where she is throwing the bouquet, she is usually facing away from everyone and throwing the bouquet over her head, it is all to easy to not get it right first time. As a wedding photographer I have seen the bouquet thrown many times, at the same wedding. The bouquet drops short so nobody can catch it, or it goes in the wrong direction. I even had one wedding where the bouquet got stuck in a tree, as a result the best man was the first to get the bouquet, as he was the one who climbed the tree.

If you are planning to have a bouquet shot, try to practice throwing it at home first. Just don’t use the actual wedding bouquet.

Remember Your Wedding Venue

Wedding couples usually spend a lot of time going round and researching their wedding venue. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the moment and have your wedding shots taken around the venue. It is always a good idea to ask your wedding photographer to take a few shots of the venue itself, perhaps with you outside the front.

The First Dance

Your wedding guests always look forward to the first dance. It is a moment that is not only fun, but also symbolises unity and synchronisation between the newlywed couple.

It is always a good idea to ask your wedding photographer to capture your first dance, even if they are not staying for the full evening.

This is also the time when most of your guests will go onto the dance floor, so it’s also a great opportunity for some relaxed, fun shots of your wedding guests letting their hair down.

The First Kiss

It is going to happen so try not to feel too embarrassed about kissing in front of your wedding guests. It is only going to happen once, and it will be a part of your wedding that you want to be captured.

As a Bedfordshire weddinging photographer, I find it such pleasure and honour in being invited along to help a wedding couple capture the memories from their wedding. If you have any questions about your wedding photography, whoever your wedding photographer is, just ask.

If you have enjoyed looking at this article and would like to know more about my wedding photography why not get in touch.

Living in Luton and with a studio in Ridgmont I able able to provide my wedding photography throughout Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.