Should You Say It With A Smile?
Should You Say It With A Smile
Should You Say It With A Smile?

We have all had that experience where we have been in a shop and the assistant has looked miserable. The lack of a smile doesn’t make you feel that this assistant is interested in you or what you are doing there.

Simply put you should say it with a smile. Your smile shows that you are interested in the person. It shows that you are confident in what you are doing and that you are approachable. That simple smile gives the person looking at you confidence in you and what you are doing.

You smile makes you look good to people who you potentially want to do business with, or more importantly that want to do business with you.

Your smile also make you feel better about yourself. It’s more than just making other feel happy, a smile makes you feel happy. It’s not just physical appeal either. A smile makes you more likeable, sociable and polite. Being friendly and approachable is the main factor that will get you business over your competition.

Your smile is your indication is a clear indication that you enjoy being with someone. When selling yourself you need to portray a vision of being proficient in what you do and that you have ambition.

Smile in your headshot and see what a difference it makes.

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