How Should You Be Publicising Your Business Online?
How Should You Be Publicising Your Business Online

These are challenging times with almost everyone struggling, especially those with smaller businesses. What can you do about it though? You could sit and wait for it all to be over or you get get out there and publicise your business.

For many the thought of publicising yourself is far too daunting. You know a lot about what you do and there is always someone out there who will tell someone else about how good you are. Publicising your business though is not as hard as you think, you just need a bit of tough skin. All you need to do is tell someone what you do.

When I started to think about publicising my business, I looked around at all of the other posts out there that had similar articles to what I wanted to write about. With so many different points of view why would anyone want to read mine? What would I gain by adding yet another blog post to the list?

The thing to remember though is that there will be a lot of people who are telling other the same information, only you can say it the way you do though. We all have our own style and that is part of the brand for your business. I have mentioned it in a previous post, you are your brand.

It will be your style of writing that gets you visitors to your website, and eventually sales. You could even taken it one stage further and send each of your articles to other blog sites and the local newspapers. The big benefit is the more you put out there increases your presence on search engines, including Google. A higher presence equals more visitors and more sales.

If if you don’t use any images in your article, there is one that you should always include, your headshot. Your headshot lets people know who the author is, it adds credibility to you and your writing and allows your readers to engage with the author. Your headshot is an image that should show you as professional, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.

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