How Much Does Headshot Photography Cost?
How Much Does Headshot Photography Cost

Okay, so the question of how much is your headshot photography session should be an easy question, right?

The answer though can be far from easy. Many headshot photographers will price their headshot sessions differently. Their pricing is one way that they can stand out in a crowded industry.

When looking at a headshot photographer and their pricing look beyond the price that you first see on the website. Many will show you a session fee, which may or may not include a headshot image.

Other headshot photographers will give you a range of package prices.

Before looking for a headshot photographer it is a good idea to have in your mind what it is you are looking to get from your headshot session. Write it down and only price against what you are looking for. That way your will be comparing prices on a like for like basis. Without having a clear idea of what you are looking for it is far too easy to get distracted by the different pricing options provided by headshot photographers.

Some packages will also include optional extras including hair or makeup. Don’t forget you may be paying a premium for these services. If you are on a budget it may be worth your while checking to see if you could get you hair or makeup done before your headshot session. Another option would be to ask if you are able to bring along your own hair or makeup artist to your headshot session.

Although, it is more common practice to include digital files with your headshot session, it has been known for some headshot photographers to include prints with your session. Are these something that you need? Usually, a headshot is for use online so these may not be required.

The last thing is to check that the pricing is relevant. If you are looking on Google, another search service is the advert still valid? Links in searches can take time to be removed so do check the date before you try to make your booking. When I searched on Google for headshot photography special offers, I found some results were a year old, with the worst one being three years out of date.

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