How Many Different Looks Can You Shoot During A Headshot Session?
How Many Different Looks Can You Shoot During A Headshot Photography Session

Why would you be asking your headshot photographer how many looks you would be going for? The question should be how many looks would you like during your headshot photography session? The simple answer to this question is you can go for as many looks as you like. This does though open up a few other questions that you should be asking your headshot photographer.

The more looks you would like does mean that you would more time for your headshot photography session. Many headshot photographers will only allow for an hour for a headshot photography session. It is worth looking at how much a headshot photographer costs and asking if you need to book consecutive sessions to accommodate the number of looks that you would like. Also remember that you need to think about what to wear for your headshot photography session to get each look.

The other factor is that the more looks that you are going or means more images. How many images does your photographer include with the session. What is your budget for your headshot photography. It is easy to get carried away, however, if cost is an issue you should keep the number of looks to a minimum.

If you are trying to build up a portfolio of images then it would make sense to do a larger initial session with more looks. Your photographer may also be able to provide you with a discount for multiple sessions in one go. If you already have a good size portfolio then it may be worth having a break between sessions to save having one large bill for your headshot photography.

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