Headshot Photography – Your Image Is Your Asset
Your Image Is Your Asset

Your image is your asset. It’s the biggest asset you can have as an individual or a business. Have a look at the adverts on TV, many of them use actors or models. Why because the marketing people know that it’s all about the image. For fashion, cosmetics, etc it will be people who look good. For other items it will be the image of the person. Those adverts create an image of who we could be and give us a face that we can trust.

Why do we need a face that we can trust? It’s because people buy faces. They always have done and always will do. It’s why marketing people and companies spend so much money on endorsements.

We are in a world now where more and more business is being done online. We are also at a point where there are more scammers out there (we will get onto this point).

When a client, casting director, agency sees you in person you could wow them with your character and personality, after they have seen you. Online though how do you put that across with only words? As we discussed in a previous article you are the most important part of your business. You are your brand. You are what sets you apart from your competition. All people need to do is see you. You are your own asset.

This is why your image is your asset. You image shows you online in a way that words cannot express. Your images shows your character and personality. It is your image that will show people why they want to work with you.

You could do it with a selfie. A professional photographer would be preferred though. It’s their job to take your character and personality and bundle it up in an image that will really do you justice.

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