Headshot Photography – Are You Digital?
Headshot Photography - Are You Digital

The world is getting more and more digital everyday. Let’s face it almost everyone is online (even my mum has manged to set up a Facebook account).

This social and business digital network bring a host of opportunities. Through our social and online network it’s not just a case of sending a card at Christmas. It’s an ongoing connection that we can maintain with those who we would have lost touch with over the years. Daily, in a single post we can connect with our network and let them know what we are doing.

Using you digital network though does take work. If you are using it in a professional capacity it’s not simply a case of posting a photograph of what you are having for dinner (yes, we have all seen those pictures on Facebook). It’s more than posting about what your dog is doing. For professional reasons you need to plan what you are posting and for what reason.

If you do want to post to social media photos of your dinner or your cat set up a separate account for personal and professional purposes.

I have seen some profiles for professional people, they include photographs of them drinking a cocktail on the beach or at their friends wedding. Old photographs where you you struggle to recognise the person in the photograph. If you are using your social media profile for professional reasons, keep it professional. Make an effort with the photographs that you use. Make the photographs reflect the work that you do. Let’s face it you never know who could be looking.

If you haven’t already got a social media account. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn perhaps now is the time to embrace the modern way of doing things.

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