Everything You Need To Know About Acting Headshots
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Have you ever wondered why your acting headshot is so important, and why it is important that your headshot is always kept current? This video by acting agency Spotlight may be an old video but it is still as relevant today as it was when it was produced.

If you are new to acting and are just putting your portfolio together, or you are a seasoned actor it is always good to refresh yourself with what casting directors are looking for when it comes to your headshot photography.

Here are some of my top quotes from the video:

“Something that is well lit and is basically a reference to the person that’s going to walk into the room” – Jane Anderson CDG

“It should look like you, that’s the most important thing” – Debbie McWilliams CDG

“We seem many photos where the actor comes into the room and you look at the photo and it’s not the same person” – Victor Jenkins CDG

“You’ve got to keep updating the images” – Emma Ashton CDA

“Something honest” – Priscilla John CDG

“The eyes are alive or there’s a strength there. Something that’s different from everyone else, it usually comes down to the eyes. ” – Kelly Valentine Hendry CDG

“You need a few of them, more than just one” – Thom Hammond CDG

“Always ask someone’s opinion of what they think” – Debbie McWilliams CDG

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