Countdown to your wedding day – What do you need to do?
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  1. Have You Set A Wedding Date? What Do You Need To Do Next?

Christmas is a time where lots of people want to show their love for each other and decide to get married. Getting engaged and deciding to get married is exciting but what do you need to do next?

The first step is to set the date for your wedding. Once that is done the clock is ticking, what else do you need to do to plan your big day?

Hopefully this step by step guide will help you to plan your perfect wedding day.

Once You have Set The Date For Your Wedding…

Great. You have decided to get married and set the date. With so much to organise though where do you start?

  • Budget – Weddings can be expensive especially if you are like me and let yourself get carried away. Work out what you would like to spend on you wedding so you have a figure in mind when you start.
  • Book The Wedding Venue – Venues can get booked quickly so now is the time to start looking at venues, visiting them and getting the wedding venue booked.
  • Notice Of Marriage Or Civil Partnership – This stage needs to be done in advance so time to get it sorted.
  • Book The Reception Venue – If you are not having everything under one roof you will need to start having a look at the venue for your wedding reception now.
  • The Photographer – Wedding photographers take bookings well in advance, even as far off as 18 months. If you would like to find out if I am available why not get in touch now?
  • Invitations – Think about what invitations you would like and have a look at prices. Even start to think who you would like to invite.
  • Transport – How will you be getting to the wedding? Have a look at the options available.
  • Outfits – What are you going to wear? The bride, bridesmaids, groom & groomsmen. It can take longer than you think.
  • Hair & Makeup – Like the wedding photographer hair and makeup artists do take bookings well in advance so time to start thinking about who you would like and get them booked in.
3 Months Before Your Wedding…

The excitement is building and your wedding is only 3 months away. Is there anything that you still need to do?

  • The Cake – Have you decided what cake you would like? If not have a think quickly as it’s time you should be ordering it.
  • Ceremony Fees – If you haven’t already paid for the ceremony fees these will be due soon.
  • Rings – It’s the Best Man’s job to give you the rings on your wedding day. It’s your job to decide on your wedding rings now though.
  • Send Out The Invitations – Make sure your guests are available by getting those invites out early(ish).
  • Book The Florist – If you have decided on having a florist do your flowers now is the time to book them.
  • Outfit Fitting – If you have chosen your dress book yourself in for that first fitting.
  • Gifts – Getting married is a bit like Christmas. It’s time to write the gift list (only don’t send it to Santa).
  • The Honeymoon – If you have decided to go abroad for your honeymoon check if you need any visas or vaccinations.
  • Your Passport – An easy one to forget. if you are going abroad and your name is changing it’s time to sort out a new passport.
  • Book The Hotel – Not for the honeymoon but for the wedding day.
6 Weeks Before Your Wedding…

Things are possibly getting a bit tense now but if you have been following the list so far hopefully most things are under control. There are still some things that still need doing.

  • Don’t Leave Someone Out – Finalise that guest list and make sure you have got everyone.
  • Gifts – Not for you. For the bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, etc.
  • Make Sure The Dress Still Fits – Make the appointment for the second fitting of the outfits.
4 Weeks Before Your Wedding…
One month to go. Time to get the list shortened down a bit and begin to think of the moments.
  • The Outfits – Yep, it’s time for the final fitting.
  • Hair & Makeup – Make an appointment with your hairdresser and/or make up artist for a trial run.
  • Think Food – Confirm the numbers with the reception venue for the catering and sort out who will be sitting with who.
  • The Ceremony – Speak to your registrar about the vows, readings, music and anything else you would like.
  • Time To Say ‘Thank You’ – Well not right now but think about the thank you letters you need to send. It will save you time after the wedding.
2 Weeks Before Your Wedding…

It’s a fortnight away. Stay calm.

  • The Timetable – Don’t leave everything on the day to yourselves. Go through the timetable with the best man and some other chosen people.
  • Place Cards – It sounds simple but everyone likes to know where they are sitting. Another tip is to write what food they ordered on the back.
  • Money – So you won’t need any on the day. You will though if you are going away on your honeymoon. Don’t forget to order your foreign currency.
  • Shoes – It’s bad enough being on your feet all day, even worse when they are new shoes. Wear them around the house to wear them in a bit.
  • Travel Arrangements – Yes, the bride is usually late. Don’t let it be due to lack of planning though. double check all of the arrangements that you have made for getting you and the guests to the venue.
The Day Of Your Wedding…

This is your day. Once you have said ‘I Do’ you can relax and laugh as the guests hit the dance floor.

Give the following items to someone responsible so you know they will be done for you.

  • Cases – You don’t want to be turning up to your wedding with a suitcase in your hand. Pack what you need beforehand and give it to someone else to bring with them.
  • Outfits – Arrange for someone else to pack and return any outfits that may have been hired.
  • Presents – You don’t want to be worrying about them. arrange for them to be taken home by someone else.

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