Could You Plan A Wedding In Four Weeks?
Could You Plan A Wedding In Four Weeks?

How To Plan A Wedding In A Month

Faced with some personal challenges that is what this couple achieved. They had planned for the wedding to be a lot further away and then all of a sudden those plans changed and they were left with having to get everything organised in only four weeks.

If you are married, are in the process of planning your wedding, or have been around a bride planning a wedding you will be aware of how challenging, stressful and time consuming everything can be. For some brides they relish this time between getting engaged and the wedding day. Others though dread the thought of all the planning.

So if you are in a similar position what are the things that you need to think about?

A Last Minute Wedding Isn’t For Everyone

For a start planning a wedding in a month isn’t going to be for everyone, but then again nor is climbing mount Everest. You need to be able to make decisions, and fast. None of this maybe this or maybe that. You need to be able to make up your mind and go for it, with only a few days to make some of the choices there simply isn’t time to sit and ponder over your options.

Decide on what are your must have’s, these are the parts to concentrate on first. Then once these are done you may have time to go back and look at the ‘it would be nice’ options. If you spend time on the ‘it would be nice’ you won’t get the must have’s done.

Also, find someone who is able to help you. Yes, there is your partner but another pair of hands will also come in (well) handy.

Set Your Date

This is the first thing to do. Without a date to aim for it is far too easy to let everything slip by. If possible go for a midweek date as this will give you far more options when it comes to booking your venue, catering, flowers, wedding photographer and everything else. Wedding vendors tend to get booked up at weekends well in advance.

Have A Clear Budget

Know your budget. It’s as simple as that. Work out how much you want to spend and write it down. If you know hoe much you have to spend it will help you when you are looking at the wedding venues and other wedding vendors. Being able to tell the wedding vendors your budget may also help with any negotiations over the price. If you don’t have a clear idea in your head they will try to get you to spend more.

Find A Venue

Your wedding venue should be high on your list of to do first. Some vendors may be shy about talking to you about taking a booking without a venue confirmed. I know that within the wedding photography industry there are wedding photographers out there who will put in ‘fake’ requests to other photographers just to find out their pricing, this I would assume would be the same for the rest of the wedding industry. One of the key indicators for this is a wedding request coming through without a wedding venue confirmed.

Invite Your Guests

Sort your wedding invites list out early and get them in the post. Many guests may have to book time off work, especially if you have gone for a midweek wedding, and the earlier they know about the wedding the easier it will be for them to get the time off. You will also need to get the replies back so you know who is coming before your can sort out your seating plan.

Think Local

When it comes to your wedding suppliers think local. Local suppliers are more likely to be there for you is you need any short term changes. They will also have a network of other suppliers that they have already worked with which will help you when it comes to everything working together for your wedding day.

Relax And Have Fun

It may not seem easy but try to relax. There will be things that need to change or be rearranged. That is just the nature of a wedding. I am yet to attend a wedding as a wedding photographer where the plans did not change before the date of the wedding, or in fact at the wedding itself. Planning your wedding is meant to be fun, think of it that way and it will be. If it starts getting on top of you, ask for help.

Relax On Your Wedding Day

Don’t let all of the planning for your wedding day spoil your big day. Get other people to make sure things go to plan. it’s your day and your should enjoy it.

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