A Classic Wedding At St Peter’s Church In Tewin, Hertfordshire
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St Peter's Church, Tewin, Hertfordshire


6th June 2021


Christopher James Hall

It feels so good to be back working as a wedding photographer and a visit to St Peter’s church in Tewin, Hertfordshire was just what I needed. Last year it was such a shame to be working with couples who had to rearrange their plans due to the restrictions that were put in place. Sarah and Michael were one of these couples so it was such a pleasure to be able to finally capture their happy day. 

The venue for the ceremony was St Peter’s church in Tewin, Hertfordshire, although our day together did not start there.

I met the bride at her parents home in Little Berkhampstead so we could capture her and her family as they got ready for the day. The home was such a buzz of excitement as everyone busied around making sure that everything was done. For the bride and bridesmaids it was also a great opportunity for them to share stories of proposals, dates and other occasions.

Leaving the bride and her family to finish off the final preparations it was time for a short drive to the church in Tewin to meet the groom and get ready for the brides arrival. There were even some colleagues from the NHS who had joined us from the the brides work.

Inside there church the groom was beginning to get a little nervous as we waited those final few moments before the bride and here father appeared at the door ready for the walk down the aisle.

The ceremony went perfectly and there weren’t too many tears.

Thank you Sarah & Michael for inviting me to be a part of your special day and I hope you enjoyed the journey home, especially with the driver for the day…

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