10 Tips For Actors On Social Media
10 Tips For Actors On Social Media

Most of us have used social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) at some stage but how many of you use it effectively as an actor to promote yourself? Social media is an invaluable tool for staying in touch with your contacts and researching people to find those all important new contacts who may bring you your next starring roll.

If you are not sure where to being here are my top ten tips on using social media effectively as an actor.


Your Headline Or Bio

Your social media headline is the first thing that people are going to read about you. Use it to tell people in one sentence what you do. Use keywords (actor, voice actor, singer, dancer, comedian, etc) to allow contacts to search for you directly.

Keep it short though as people don’t want to be reading you life story.


Profile And Header Photo

Most social media accounts come with the option to add both a profile photo and a header image.
Use your profile photo to upload an up to date headshot. Use the same headshot across all of your social media so that you will be instantly recognisable.

Your header image should show what you do, use a recent photograph of you performing.


Contact Details

Make it easy for anyone one to contact you by adding your contact detail. If you have links to agencies use these as well so people know how to hire you. Also where possible link to other social media accounts that you may have (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).


It’s Not Just About You

Mention other actors, agents, managers and people that you know. Each time you mention them they will be notified and will keep you at the forefront of their mind. If you are promoting them they will promote you in return.


Use Video

If you have a showreel or videos of you in action use them. Videos get more attention so will go further than a comment or image.


Use And Follow Hashtags

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn all allow the use of hashtags. Find hastags that are show similar work to you. Use those hashtags to promote your own work. Also use them to see what everyone else is doing so you don’t get left behind. You may even find some people that you can collaborate with.



Join groups as well as people so you can share common interests. Don’t be afraid to look beyond your specific field at other areas of the industry. Learn from these groups and give advice so that you can build more relationships which could enhance your career.


Use Your Existing Network

Connect with people who you have worked with. Keep it recent, don’t try connecting with people you worked with 10 years ago. Keep in contact to keep old relationships going.


Don’t Send Requests To Complete Strangers

It’s tempting to go through anyone who could possibly have a connection and send out a request on the off chance simply to build your following. If too many people respond saying that they don’t know you it could affect your account credibility and possibly result in a ban.


Use Social Media For Research

Stalk your connections (in a nice way). Look at their feeds to find out what they are up to and what is going on. There could be an opportunity that you have missed or they may give you ideas about what you could be doing to promote yourself.

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